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Episode Four - Part 1

  • Jun. 29th, 2007 at 3:54 PM
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Lois: "It wasn't your fault, you know. Sometimes bad things just happen. No one can really explain why, that's just the way the world works sometimes."
Jacob: "I know."
Lois: "Your Great Uncle Jon, his was the last funeral I went to. You remember that, right? Such a horrible year this has been, so much tragedy. We can help each other through this, though. We'll be OK."
Jacob: "This isn't right."

Lois: "I know, I know. It's so hard to believe. I never thought I'd have to bury my nephew, but at least you survived."
Jacob: "What's going to happen to me?"
Lois: "You'll be living with me, Jacob. We've only got each other now. I'll clear out the sewing room for you, lord knows with the way my vision's been going lately I don't get much sewing done these days anyway."
Jacob: "I don't want to be here anymore."

Emily: "It'll be ok, Jacob, we're almost home. Hang in there, sweetie."
Jacob: "It hurts. Everything hurts so bad."
Emily: "I know, I'm so sorry."
Jacob: "Is this real?"

Lois: "I wish you'd quit talking like that. You do not hear 'voices.' There's nothing wrong with you -- you still have to go to school. What is your mother going to say when she finds out how you're behaving?"
Jacob: "Mom and dad are dead, Aunt Lois."
Lois: "Why would you say such a horrible thing just to get out of going to school?"
Jacob: "They've been dead for a year. I killed them."

Emily: "Jacob, honey? We're at the house, but it's getting pretty bright outside so we're going to have to make a run for it. Do you think you can manage that?"
Jacob: "I'm so tired."
Emily: "Hey, stay with me. You're not allowed to give up."

Jacob blinked hard against the blinding light that was streaming through the windows and opened door of the car. Beyond the pain he could smell her -- an intoxicating blend of fear and adrenalin carried by a rapid pulse through her veins. He tried to focus on it, to let it anchor him, but soon the scene was shifting again.

Lois: "I don't want you hanging out with those kids anymore! They're bad news!"
Jacob: "I don't hang out with anyone."
Lois: "Don't you sass me, young man! You're grounded for the next two weeks. No friends, no telephone, no TV, and no records!"
Jacob: "Yes, ma'am."

Emily: "Good. That's right, focus on me. We can do this, I know we can."
Jacob: "…not safe."
Emily: "That's why we have to run for it, and now. We're only a few feet from the door. On three…"

Lois: "Have you seen my hairbrush?"
Jacob: "It's next to your comb in the bathroom."
Lois: "Is everything all right, Carl? You seem so distant tonight."
Jacob: "I'm not Carl, I'm Jacob."

Lois: "What's bothering you?"
Jacob: "Nothing. I'm just reading."

Lois: "You've always been such a quiet boy. Sometimes I really wonder what's going on in that head of yours."
Jacob: "You can't even begin to imagine."
Lois: "If you ever need to talk about anything, I want you to know you can come to me. Jon and I love you like you were our own son."

Jacob: "This isn't happening!"

Emily: "Shh, Jacob, it's ok. We're inside now. Do you know who I am?"
Jacob: "Emily Laine."
Emily: "Right, good. Stay here; you'll be safe until I can close off the drapes upstairs. Try not to be scared, OK? I'll be right back."

Piper: "Hey, just relax. Drake and Vinnie won't be bothering us."
Jacob: "I don't think I want to do this."
Piper: "Kissing me isn't that bad, is it? Don't tell me you're a queer!"
Jacob: "I'm not a homosexual."
Piper: "Then why don't you prove it?"

Emily: "Is it dark enough in here for you?"
Jacob: "Yes."
Emily: "Good. Drink this, then lay down and try not to move."

Jacob studied the mug filled with viscous red fluid before hesitantly swallowing a single mouthful. The metallic taste was only mildly unpleasant, and he began to feel a little less lost in the chaos. He quickly finished the entire glass before lying back on the soft velvet of Emily's comforter.

Emily: "What happened, sweetie?"
Jacob: "He was right -- I'm not so smart after all."
Emily: "It wasn't your fault. What happened to you? Did The Order do this to you?"

Jacob: "Tristan."
Emily: "You saw him? Is he OK?"
Jacob: "I don't know. He left me in the parking lot."
Emily: "Tristan did this to you? Are you sure?"

Jacob: "Yes, quite."
Emily: "I don't understand. Why? Why would he do something like that?"

Vinnie: "Come on, man, this ain't funny anymore!"
Jacob: "It was never funny."
Vinnie: "It wasn't nothin' personal! We were just bored, OK? We didn't think you'd even survive! I'm sorry! Now let me go!"
Jacob: "How do you forgive an injustice?"

Vinnie: "It wasn't even my idea! Drake and Piper were the ones who came up with it!"
Jacob: "Some things are unforgivable."
Vinnie: "You're a fucking psycho! Let me out of here, you little freak!"

Emily: "Can you still hear me?"
Jacob: "Yes."
Emily: "My friend Markus is on his way over, he's going to take care of you. Try to stay with me for just a little while longer."
Jacob: "They gave you datura on purpose. I have papers…"

It was getting more and more difficult to stay grounded -- whatever mild relief the blood had brought was now completely gone. The scent of blood and fear was nearly overpowering, though now he realized it was his own fear he smelled. A primal force stirred deep within him, causing his canines to lengthen involuntarily. He fought the nearly uncontrollable urge to drag Emily down and tear into her flesh -- while he knew her blood would help to heal his wounds, he was all too well aware that it would also leave him drifting in a lingering madness for several days. If he killed her in the process, he wasn't sure he'd ever escape its grasp.

The dull ache in his head suddenly exploded into an all-encompassing agonizing pain. His entire body felt as though it were being held down by unseen hands as he gasped for air, struggling against the coming darkness. The last thing he was aware of was Emily's hand resting gently on his forehead before there was nothing at all.


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Jun. 29th, 2007 11:04 pm (UTC)

And then my evening was shot to hell.

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Jun. 29th, 2007 11:15 pm (UTC)


new episode!

i squealed so loudly that i scared my cat off my computer tower

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Yay, it's up! I've been checking the update post repeatedly over the last few days, so it was so nice to see this. ^_^
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Great update!
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Oh MAN. I was like..."Couldn't be tonight, I'll just sign off and check tomorrow morning..."
But then I thought 'what if..?'

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I did the dance of victory when I saw this update. And I can't dance to save my life.
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I sooo needed this today.}:P
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Also when you click on Episode three in the top of the page it takes you to episode 2. Just thought you should know.
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Fixed! Thanks! :D

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You're welcome ^_^

It's my favorite one, they look so cute!
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This will end my day really well. YAY! Update!!
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must not read... must finish translation of annoying theology essay ... must resist temptation of reading the new episode... :D
(you are genius and brilliant and I've been looking forward to this for more than a month now..)
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Thank you, you made my night.
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:D :D :D

*kisses your feet*
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OMG! Woke up, logged on, checked my friends page... NEW EPISODE! YAY!

Clicked link... "LiveJournal is currently down for scheduled maintenance". ACK!

The horror... the horror...!

Loving this already, off to read all the other bits :D
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Poor Jacob :( Doesn't stop me from having a baaaad feeling about what's going to happen though ....
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for the past week i have been checking RELIGIOUSLY for a new update!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!
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*squeeeee* An update :D
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Yay, update! I love Jacob. Also, can I mention that Vinnie is a really pretty sim? :)
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So glad there's a new episode!! I was dying to read more!
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Yay ! New episode !
*reads on* :D:D
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Just what I needed today. YES! I hate that I missed it Friday, but good things come to those that check late too. :)
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WHOOOOO!!! YEAH!! ..awwww....Mr.Twinkles as a kitten! so friggin' cute!
Man I LOVE you guys!