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Episode 13 - Part 1

  • Aug. 17th, 2005 at 3:58 PM
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For those of you on the friends list, please note that I'm 'backdating' Parts 2-18 of this chapter to avoid total spammage of your friends page. Also note that Part 7 deals with sensitive subject matter, and while it's not graphic, just consider yourselves warned.


Chris started in on his fourth drink in less than 15 minutes, feeling the rage boiling up inside. He'd spent too much time thinking that week- wondering just when in the hell he turned into such a pansy. Why was he suddenly jumping at shadows? The slightly off-kilter glass in front of him wasn't talking, and he couldn't quite grasp onto the reason anymore. The word 'experiments' floated past but quickly dissipated. The world was just starting to go swimmy when a snippet of conversation caught his attention.

Amethyst: "We've got to stop Stone- he got Lazuli last week, who knows which one of us is going to be next!"
Onyx: "We don't know where to find him, though."
Jasper: "Oh come on- how hard can he be to find?"
Obsidian: "Without the amount of security he has around him during the week? Near impossible."

Chris turned away from the bar to get a good look at who'd reminded him of the reason behind his recent brush with cowardice. He was slightly disappointed by what he saw- the four vampires at the table were clearly very young- they couldn't have been changed for more than a decade at the most, they were still delighting in going around wearing their game-faces for one. They'd probably given themselves silly names, too. Still, they could prove to be useful. An idea had a chance to get a foothold in his mind. They were looking for Stone, and he knew where they could find him. He walked over to their table, feeling a new lightness in his step.

Chris: "Are you looking for Andrew Stone, by any chance?"

The four looked at each other before turning their attention back to Chris.

Amethyst: "What's it to you?"

She held his gaze with blood-red eyes and worked her words carefully, making sure Chris saw her fangs. He just rolled his eyes, completely unimpressed.

Chris: "I know where you can find him tonight."
Obsidian: "Is that so?"
Chris: "If you don't care..."
Jasper: "No, wait- I don't know about them, but I want to know."
Chris: "First, tell me why you want to know."

Amethyst: "That bastard killed my brother, for one. I want him to pay for that."

Chris couldn't hide his smile- they were out for blood. Good. He could use them to get at Andy without having to worry about the consequences of attempting it himself.

Chris: "He's having a little get together with some people tonight at his house. I can tell you how to get in without tripping any alarms."
Obsidian: "Why are you helping us?"

Chris smiled widely again, baring his own fangs for them to see, speaking carefully to avoid slurring his words together.

Chris: "I think he needs a healthy dose of reality."


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I love the fangs
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